Our mission is to provide everyone with an accelerated path to education and opportunity through travel. 


Whether it's local outdoors exploration, national trips, or international expeditions, we strive to make the confidence that is gained through travel accessible to everyone, starting here in our community.  


Travel with us

Learn about upcoming trips, how to enroll and the many ways we will help you go to the places you've dreamed of.

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Into The Mountains

Learn about and support our mentoring programs with Native American tribes.

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Your sponsorship is vital to our project and the growth in our community. You can change a life one traveler and event at a time. 

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Stories from our Travelers:

Being able to travel abroad with GMP will allow me to see and visit places that have long been on my bucket list. The excitement and anticipation of what we have to look forward to adds life and joy to the days leading up to the trip and Iā€™m so thankful for the logistics being worked out with GMP that make it easier for me to enjoy and experience the trip without worrying about so many details.
— - Cindy, GMP 1st Fully Sponsored Teacher
I found myself in the habit of being afraid and considering the worst possible outcome of a situation. After traveling with GMP, I can now challenge those thoughts of fear with the bravery that I gained while traveling. I overcome those moments of decision and have gained opportunities that I would have missed. My life is now full of community, service to others and confidence.
— Student Traveler, 2017 Europe Trip

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