Our mission covers three key projects: local education programs, national service projects, and international cultural travel.

The Global Minded Project exists to provide everyone an accelerated path to education and opportunity through travel and service. Our hope is to connect members of our community to one another.  As we connect to others, our personal confidence grows, our ability to love others grows, and we find ourselves with increased generosity and kindness.  These powerful global minded attributes make us world changers. 

There are three stepping stones to our community connecting platform: local projects, national travel, and international travel.


Local Projects

Join our Living Tree Adventures division as we provide educational opportunities, acts of kindness and get into the great outdoors here in Bloomington and the surrounding areas. Tap into our rich maple groves, join our 24 days of giving initiative, absorb the ecosystem of our local wetland or enjoy a day at camp; to name a few.



National Travel

Caring for and serving our fellow Americans is the calling of all those who call the United States home. We worked alongside Indiana University to develop a mentoring program that works with Native American teens and their surrounding communities.


International Travel

Our strategic international travel plan gives the opportunity for travelers to engage in serving the community up to two years in advance of a trip. This allows the person to grow in service towards others and travel with dignity knowing they worked hard to be there. While traveling we aim for cultural connections and increased personal confidence of every travel team member.