3 Day Bradford Woods Adventure

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3 Day Bradford Woods Adventure


Get ready for the outdoor experience your child will never forget! October 17-19.

Meet homeschoolers from all across Indiana through our 3-day excursion to Bradford Woods. Families and kids will stay in cabins. All meals are included.

The following is a list of RECREATION OPTIONS that are currently offered. Some craft activities can be combined to fill the full recreation period.

1. ARCHERY: Learn how to use a recurve bow and practice shooting arrows.

2. CAPTURE THE FLAG: Large group game that divides participants into two groups as they plot and attempt to acquire the other team’s flag.

3. CONSERVATION PROJECT: Find an area at Bradford Woods that needs some help and work on a project to make the situation better. A typical project may involve building trail steps or installing water bars.

4. DREAMCATCHERS: Learn about the Native American craft and make your own.

5. FISHING: Cane pole fishing in the Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole Lake in hopes of catching a big one! We practice catch and release at Bradford Woods.

6. FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS:Make a bracelet for a friend or for yourself.

7. NATIVE AMERICAN GAMES: Large group games based on learning skills and traditions of Native Americans.

8. PAPER-MAKING: Use old newspaper and office paper along with leaves, pine needles and other items from nature to create recycled paper. Make a few sheets to take home!

9. SCAVENGER HUNT: Based on exploring the property and locating a variety of things found in nature.

10. STAFF CHOICE: A Bradford Woods staff member will lead an activity based on their interest or skills.

11. TRAIL EXPERIENCE: Didn’t get enough hiking today? How about exploring more trails on the property looking for animal signs,flowers, and wild edibles? Enjoy a nice trek through BradfordWoods.

12. ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Large group game that encourages cooperation as participants try to get a Frisbee across the opponent’s goal line.

13. NATIVE AMERICAN CRAFTS: Learn to make Native American crafts like God’s Eyes and Dream Catchers.

14. NATURE SKETCHING: Students take inspiration from the outdoors to observe and sketch their surroundings.

15. KICKBALL:Playa game of kickball.

16. INSTINCTS:Educational module that can also be used as recreation.

17. PIONEER CRAFT ROTATIONS (Full group activity): Students participate in pioneer crafting, including rope belt making, quill pen writing, and other activities.

18. AMERICAN INDIAN LIFE ROTATIONS (Full group activity): Educational module that can also be used as recreation.

The following is a list of EVENING OPTIONS that are currently offered. Activities are typically either one or two hours in length. Activities will need to be chosen to create a two-hour block. When schools are leading the evening activities, this is only a list of suggestions. If members of your community have something to share with your participants, please share your ideas with the BW program coordinator.

1. ALPHA WOLF: A simulated game that begins with information about wolves and allows participants to role play as a wolf pack while searching for the alpha wolf. Cannot be combined with another option.

2. CAMPFIRE: Campfires can take many forms, the most traditional being a time for skits,songs, and stories led by Bradford Wood’s staff.

3. DUTCH AUCTION: Participants are divided into groups and sent back to their cabins to gather a number of personal items. When the participants are back to the meeting place and in groups, an announcer will request different items. Groups that can produce that item are rewarded points. Be creative!

4. FOLK DANCE: Music and directions provided to teach participants basic folk dances. Dances can include other music, too!

5. NIGHT EXPERIENCE: Explore Bradford Woods at night. Choose to focus on one of the three areas, or combine activities from all three. The three focuses include: how we use our senses during the night, nocturnal animals, and astronomy. If you are interested in specifically astronomy, the Bradford Woods staff can tailor a night experience with an emphasis on the night sky and have the kids take a look through our telescope.

6. AMERICAN INDIAN LIFE ROTATIONS: Can also be used as an evening program

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