Into The Mountains

Each summer the Into the Mountains Project team heads to the northwest corner of Washington state where they help facilitate the annual mentoring retreat. This is where youth meet their mentors and kick start a year long commitment to connection and relationship.  Our mentoring program was developed by a student team in the Department of Public Health at Indiana University in 2018. 


Meet The Lummi Nation

Located in Bellingham, Washington, the Lummi Nation is a Salish tribe that is deeply rooted in their fishing and canoe heritage. The reservation is set in the Puget Sound with the beautiful Cascade mountains in the backdrop. The people are as beautiful as their surroundings. 


Our Mission

Our goal is to connect the youth of the Lummi Nation with mentors, providing opportunities and relationships within their local community. Through these relationships we hope to lead the youth through many identified areas of life and stabilize areas of concern or distress.


Click here to enroll your youth in the year long mentoring program. This also includes registration for the retreat.


Click here to apply for a mentor position. Your role in the lives of these youth can not be overstated. We are so thankful you're considering the role of mentor. 


As positions open up for locals in Bloomington, IN and Bellingham, WA, we will post those here.