Mentoring Overview

Mentoring is a unique way to be involved in life-changing growth with native youth in North America. As they share their culture and world views with you, you’ll find yourself feeling honored to be apart of such stories.


Mentoring Overview

Mentoring a native youth is such an honor. You will join the project team for all or part of our 3-day retreat where you will get to hang out, go hiking, and have a lot of fun with your mentee. It’s a great way to start the relationship. Following the retreat you will meet online with other mentors and the project director. You’re given all you need to be prepared for your upcoming module sessions; including troubleshooting time. You are then ready to meet with your mentee. Everyone meets as a group at a consistent time every month. Each session starts with a video from the project director; helping set the tone for your module topic. You’ll hand out provided materials, discuss the topic, and then enjoy the rest of your time together. Our program is designed to help maintain bonds and encourage connection and growth within the mentor/mentee relationship. While we provide you with all the materials you need, your position in the life of the youth is truly life changing to them. It’s an honor and opportunity you won’t regret stepping into.


From A Native Youth

I loved the retreat. The long conversations were great and I wouldn’t change a things; except maybe we had even more days together. - Shandeara age 15


From a Mentor

The retreat was a fantastic way to start the mentoring relationship off. All of us being  away from familiar settings, routines, and people really allowed the ice to be broken and some connections to be made. Getting to know the kids was a high point. - Andrew