“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” ― John Muir

The bedrock of the Global Minded Project is to serve, love and care for the people and places right here in Bloomington. It is the foundation on which everything else is built and measured. Our diverse and international community gives an array of possibilities when it comes to stepping in and forming connections. 

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Our monthly community programs and events are one avenue in which we execute our hope of having every person explore new ideas and perspectives, as well as, the humility to learn and the willingness to love people around the globe. Our programs and events work to roll out the welcome mat to a wide variety of people here in B-town. 

Our outdoor education programs are another path that we travel to bridge and educate the youth in our community. With decades of outdoor adventure experience and a true love for education and children, our local guides are exceptional in helping protect, preserve and grow an appreciation for the beautiful landscape in which our city dwells. Bloomington really is quite special in the ecological diversity found here. There is so much to explore and learn right out our back doors. 

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#5: The outdoors offer endless opportunity to learn.

#4: Being able to set up camp, start a fire, navigate and survive will all build your confidence for anything in this world!

#3: There’s a “no device” rule. So, your kid will learn to make eye contact and have an actual conversation. Even more, they will learn teamwork.

#2: Two days in the wilderness is like a week in the real world! This time outdoors provides a big opportunity for growth, calmness and connection.

#1: We already love your kids. We want them to see how amazing they are. To see their strengths and build on those. To understand their weakness and be willing to rely on others. For them to be loved for all of it & to simply have the opportunity to be outdoors.

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