Into The Mountains

The opportunity to work alongside the Lummi Nation tribe is an unmatched privilege.


Mentoring Program

Our mentors make a one year commitment to a youth on the Lummi Nation. Following a strategic program developed right here at Indiana University, we hope to strengthen the youth by providing healthy relationships and modeling. 


Retreat Trip

We send a project team from Bloomington to Washington for a week in June or August. During this time, we set the infrastructure of the retreat trip in place so local mentors can focus on bonding instead of planning. Our team consists of experienced outdoorsman and those who have established relationships with the Lummi people. This event is the springboard to the year long mentoring program.


Lasting Relationships

Our team members form bonds with the families on the Lummi Nation Reservation. We are changed by the beauty we experience in the tribe. Their long heritage and deep traditions offer a cultural exchange that is a true gift to those who have the opportunity to journey with them.