One Another Campaign

Our student and adult travel teams spend a year or more prior to their trip serving our local community. Every month there is an opportunity for them to earn their way. Through this campaign we are able to offer hand-ups instead of hand-outs. 


Go with Dignity

The Global Minded Project works to provide opportunity and education to everyone. Our desire is to deepen personal confidence that can be expressed in service to others. Our monthly service projects are framed as fundraisers. Through this campaign our travelers experience success while growing as a team and serving our community.  Our current annual budget for this campaign is $13,500. This funding provides supplies for our service projects and incentives for travelers to succeed in their participation. 


First we serve

Once a month, committed team members come together and serve side by side. It is through this time of service that we build relationships as a team. We establish the Global Minded Project as a service oriented not-for-profit that serves Bloomington and the surrounding areas. This engagement with our community builds trust and deepens our love for whoever we find ourselves serving. 


Then we travel

Our experience shows a strengthening of confidence in our travelers. While on tour we are taking out of our comfort zone. This uncertainty is a catalyst for education and personal growth. Having developed a service mentality as a team prior to our trip, our travelers return to our community more confident to serve whoever they meet.