24 Days of Giving

December 1st-24th is a magical time here in Bloomington. We want to pause in the time of hustle and bustle and give to others in out community while helping make connections to our local business establishments as well.  

Our giving took us to the National Guard on Pearl Harbor Day.

Our giving took us to the National Guard on Pearl Harbor Day.

Love Whoevers In Front Of You

We take the 24 days leading up to Christmas and give to others here in our community. Through sponsorship and local business donations, we match meaningful gifts with recipients to help make connections right here in Bloomington. This grows our students in the art of giving and our community in the art of receiving. 


First we serve

The 24 Days of Giving campaign allows our student travelers to earn trip money while giving and serving others in our community.  They gain confidence through serving and grow as a team during this time. Even giving can be intimidating, but it's such a wonderful first step in learning how to have a positive impact in our town. All while spreading love and cheer throughout Bloomington. 


Then we travel

Our experience shows a strengthening of confidence in our travelers. While on tour we are taking out of our comfort zone. This uncertainty is a catalyst for education and personal growth. Having developed a service mentality as a team prior to our trip, our travelers return to our community more confident to serve whoever they meet.