Our mission is to invite every person to explore new ideas and perspectives, as well as, deepen their humility to learn and willingness to love people around the globe.


What Does Global Minded Project Do?

GMP is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 after two things happened, the Native American youth our founder had worked with began to age out of the program she had partnered with since 2012. Secondly, she helped lead an education trip overseas, a team ranging in age from 13-70, and watched in amazement as confidence grew exponentially within a short amount of time. Out of these two circumstances Global Minded Project was born.

It’s an honor to know and journey alongside our oldest American culture. It takes years to cultivate trusting relationships within the tribe due to generations of past hurts from previous programming and prejudice found in their surrounding communities. Substance abuse, child abuse, and poverty are consistently higher among Native Americans. It took an academic year, working with student in the Department of Public Health at Indiana University, to develop the ground work for our year-long mentoring program for native teens called Into The Mountains. We launched our pilot year of the program in 2018. This is the true heartbeat of Global Minded Project.  

In October of 2017, we have led our first international trip to Europe. In 2018 we sent our first scholarship traveler, a teacher from The Project School. Watching the power of international travel develop confidence and a love for language and culture is the driving force for our annual international trips. However, few can afford to travel even when the desire is present. We provide travel opportunities to students and adults in our local community and throughout the United States through sponsorship , fundraisers and private commitments. Learn more about our upcoming travel opportunities and see first hand what it’s like to travel with the Global Minded Project.

Lastly, we love our home base of Bloomington, Indiana. Our nonprofit wants to work at a local level as well. We provide a variety of education programs to help our community enjoy our beautiful town. Not only are we enriched with the presence of Indiana University and all the opportunities that result from being a college town, we also have beautiful green spaces to explore and a wide range of cultural engagements right here at home.

We are passionate about the work we do here in Bloomington, with Native American youth, and travel around the globe. We know that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, it’s opportunity. We hope to bring opportunity to our home, our nation, and the world.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
— Milton Berle

Our Big Mission: To provide everyone an accelerated path to education and opportunity through travel and service.