A trip of a lifetime, a deeper confidence and memories that will last forever is never a waste of time and investment.

Our international trips are really something special. Work to grow personal confidence and your love of other cultures all while making memories that will last a lifetime! Our partner and guide for our trips abroad is EF (Education First) has been leading education trips for over 50 years. Their safety and cultural priorities make them the best choice for GMP.


step One: Attend An Info session

We'll walk you through the whole process, introduce you to the educational tour company and outline the fundraiser schedule and the support processes

Step two: Register

After you determine the year you want to be involved, we'll give you a link to sign up for the right trip. 

Step three: Community Events

You are not alone in preparing for the experience, you will have a whole community of people for support and inspiration. 

Upcoming trip options

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London, Paris and the Alps 

June 2018, 12 days
Trip by Malissa Waterford

Join us as we sip tea in London, feel the romance of Paris, hike in Switzerland, strengthen our resolve of "never again" in Germany and find the wonder in Prague in June of 2018. 

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Peru: Machu Picchu

June 2019, 11 days
Trip by Malissa Waterford

Join us as we engage in the beautiful culture of the Peruvians, ranging from the bustling capital of Lima to the ancient ruins of the Inca. We'll aid naturalists in the Amazon before we say goodbye to South America.

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Switzerland, Italy, France & Spain

Join us on the trip of a lifetime as we explore the Swiss Alps, take in the Italian beauty of Lake Como and Cinque Terre, embrace the French Riviera, and wind the Spanish streets of Barcelona. This is a European adventure you won't want to miss.

Why are info sessions important?

This is more than a trip, this is a year long program with fundraising, support, educational requirements and leadership. And because our program are so tightly knit, we want to meet you first. 


Upcoming Information Sessions

Given the opportunity to travel on this once in a lifetime experience meant the world to my family. Being able to experience and emerge ourselves in a different culture was phenomenal! Traveling with Malissa and her team made the expereicne even more memorable and fun and we made once in a lifetime connections.
— Elisabeth, Europe 2017
I watched the connections with the people and places grow in everyone, including myself, every day of the tour. We made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Confidence was definitely our best souvenir.
— Malissa, Group Leader, Europe 2017